Dimples products are specially designed to give you gorgeously smooth skin that lasts up to six weeks. As with all hair removal tools, it is important to take some precautions to enhance the result and ensure your skin is left feeling silky soft.




Prior to using any hair removal product, it is crucial to complete a patch test. Begin by applying the product to a small area. After removing it, you should wait 24 hours to ensure no irritation develops. Slight reddening is normal and will disappear in a few hours. In extreme cases of skin irritation, discontinue use. If no reaction occurs, proceed with application. Those with sensitive skin or who are prone to pigmentation should be especially careful when waxing. We would recommend using our Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream instead.



Aside from the points above, there are a few things you should keep in mind specifically when waxing. We would strongly advise you to exfoliate 24 hours prior to remove all your dead skin, thereby making it easier and less painful to remove the hair. This is especially important if you suffer from ingrown hairs.
Just before using the wax strips, we would recommend washing and drying the area you wish to wax to achieve the best results. This is to prevent moisturiser or oils produced by the body from interfering with the waxing process.
After waxing, you should allow a day for any redness to disappear especially if you plan to attend a special event.



Do not use if you have diabetes or circulatory problems.
Do not wax over acne, cuts, sunburn, moles, warts, varicose veins, eczema, damaged or loose skin, weak scars, areas sensitive to heat, or any other skin ailments. Do not use on areas treated with Retin-A, Glycolic Acid or Alpha Hydroxy products.
Do not use any products containing fragrance, alcohol or deodorants, or expose the skin to harsh sunlight or hot water, before or after waxing. Do not tan for eight hours before or after waxing.
Do not wax any area around the eyes, inside the nose, or that is sensitive to heat or with a skin injury.
Do not scratch or rub skin after waxing. If irritation occurs – please consult a doctor.
Do not wax repeatedly over the same area as this could cause bruising.



If hair is very dark or stubborn, the first application may only condition the hair and not bleach it sufficiently. Successive daily treatments will give the desired effect. Thereafter, one application per week or per two weeks will maintain the desired colour.
A prickly sensation is normal when bleaching, and redness on facial areas usually disappears within one hour. However, should your skin be very sensitive to the blended mixture, remove the mixture with the spatula and wash the area with cold water. Wait 24 hours for irritation to subside and apply only the cream to the treatment area.


Do not apply near eyes or vaginal areas. If the mixture does contact these areas, rinse immediately with cold water.
Do not apply to cuts or abrasions.
Do not apply to skin that is dry, dehydrated, sun damaged, sunburnt, or not in peak condition. This is especially important on the face or upper lip area as it may result in pigmentation. Pigmentation may also occur if too much activator is used or if the mixture is left on the skin too long. Pigmentation does not mean permanent damage and the marks will fade after a few days.
Do not apply bleach cream after a hot bath as open pores make your skin particularly sensitive.
Do not use metal dishes or metal spoons when preparing the mixture.
Do not return unused mixture to the jar or vial. Do not store or reuse mixed bleach products. Once the mixture has been made, it must be used within 30 minutes.
Do not allow bleach cream to dry on the skin or to remain on the skin for longer than 30 minutes. Do not rub the mixture into the skin.