Rose Fragrance | Lemon Fragrance
Dimples Hair Removal Cream is the gentle, easy way to remove hair and the result lasts up to twice as long as shaving. It works by dissolving hair below the skin’s surface, leaving you with gorgeous, stubble-free skin. It is enriched with antioxidant Vitamin E and anti-inflammatory pro-vitamin B5 to leave your skin moisturised, soft and healthy.

For ultimate smoothness

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    Rose Fragrance

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    Lemon Fragrance

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    Lasts twice as long as shaving

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Step by step guide for the best experience
number1 Apply cream directly onto skin with the spatula, spreading the cream evenly to fully cover the hair.
number2 Leave the cream on the skin for three minutes, timed carefully. Gently use the head of the spatula to test a small area. If hair comes away easily, remove the rest of the  cream with the spatula. If needed, leave the cream on for longer WITHOUT EXCEEDING 6 MINUTES IN TOTAL.
number3 Rinse your skin thoroughly with water then pat dry.